The Longest Update EVER!

First snow, first trip on the saucer!


Hey AdventureHERs, long time no see!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Day! Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to all the ladies that came out to the Turkey Day 5K! The weather couldn’t have Been more Agreeable! I had a great run and lots of post snacks and a free pedometer to boot!

I wanted to tell you all how grateful I am to have you be a part of my dream! I appreciate all the enthusiasm, suggestions, Ideas and for all the time you have spent with me over these last months! I don’t think I can truly express how excited I am to have met you all and to been able to share such wonderful memories! I am blessed to now call many of you friend! I have a few Announcements, reminders and updates that I want to share so Please read this whole message. I promise to keep it as to the point as possible, but there’s a lot of info to share! I appreciate your time!

Firstly, I want to welcome all the new members and followers, we’ve added more than 50 members in the past month or so! Thanks for joining AdventureHER! I really look forward to meeting you all! Your Presence, Ideas and suggestions are Always appreciated so do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to get all the feedback and assistance I can! As you may have noticed since cracking the 200 member mark we have started to get a lot more attention. I want to keep the momentum going, so I am encouraging and asking you to each invite ONE friend to Join the Group. If you do we can easily top 500 members by the end of the year! The more members we have, the more visibility we have. Which bring me to the next exciting topic!

AdventureHER is Now Sponsored By Chevy Volt!! It just happened this week so I will be getting more information in the near future, but I am very excited to have them on board!

Photos! As many of you may know I have had a down and dirty time being able to post photos here on So, I have decided, for the time being I will post them at the AdventureHER Facebook Page ( I posted about 100 of them TODAY. Please Check them out and while you’re there, PLEASE LIKE THE PAGE and Tag yourself in the Photos!! Again The more Likes we get the closer we are to landing more sponsors, which means Better events! DUH, Win, Win!! You will find Photos From the Fall Colors Trip, Apple Picking, Paintball, Orienteering and most everything else I have photos of. I always appreciate it when you can send over pictures you have taken. I am dedicated to doing a better job at posting them!!

TShirts & ZipUps Ever wanted an AdventureHER Tshirt or a fashionable cowl neck zip up?? Well today is your lucky day!! They are currently in production and will be available starting next week! Photos and ordering will be posted soon. If you are interested in securing one now please contact me directly!

PERU July 2012 An Informational Meeting about the trip to Peru is now being scheduled in December. During which we will learn more about Machu Pichu and the details of the trip. I just received the Full Itinerary and Info Packet yesterday afternoon. I am very excited about the reasonable costs and colorful itinerary. This is a Custom trip Built for AdventureHER so You won’t find another experience like it! Departure is set for July 20, 2012 and a payment plan will be available. The Info Is Available upon request. Please Email me directly and I will certainly Hook you up!

Luminary Loppet if you have not already registered and are an REI member, Please do this week as the discount expires at the end of the month. As for the time slot, it isn’t really all that strict, I would like to try to depart the starting gates at 7pm on showshoes. There are many hot cocoa stops, entertainment and resting sites. Please remember to indicate your time slot and if you are planning to snowshoe or XC ski. Also I am working on ordering AdventureHER Hats and will post info about that soon. Please visit the event page for more details HERE!

Upcoming Events Sledding, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Winter camping and Spy School (this will be awesome BTW) will all be hitting the Calendar soon.  Hosts and suggested time and locations are needed! We will be doing a lot of events where rental equipment and instruction will be available so no worries about that. The temps have been crazy so anytime you are out in the elements, please consider appropriate attire, be aware of your limits and stick to them!! You should always Start any winter activity cold and use your body heat to warm you up! Wet and Sweaty can quickly turn to Frost bite and a dead black foot can ruin any fun day in the snow! (Gross! Sorry!)

Suggested Events and Ideas If you ever have a suggestion or an idea post it to the discussion board, submit is as a Suggested event or contact me directly. I love it when others can host events! As always please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or suggestions(AND PLEASE FOLLOWUP with me if I don’t answer you! Some days I get more than 100 email messages and things can get buried.) Also You can post short notice events on the Facebook page by simply posting a comment!

Attendance and RSVPs To be honest, you are all adults and I HATE that I even have to write this, but this has been a prevalent issue so I must. Please be respectful to the group and your fellow members by taking your RSVP serious! As the group grows you will find more events with limited slots available and required deposits. If you cannot attend, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RSVP or if you don’t have access to a computer, contact me!

Now, All that said, If you think an event sounds like fun, RSVP and SHOW UP!! If you’re nervous or have a question, Call me or reach out to another Member, but don’t just chicken out! We are all friends here and want everyone to have the time of their life! So Stretch your limits and Try something New, Scary or totally out of character. If you don’t like it, big deal, at least you tried and you should be applauded because that’s way more than what most people are willing to do!

Wrap up and take away (Phew, finally! Thanks for hangin’ on!)

I am so grateful that you have all chosen to participate in AdventureHER! This has been the best summer and fall! It’s filled with wonderful weather, fun events and lots of new friends! Please take a little time to check out the website and read my adventure blog at If you’re a tweeter, I’m @AdventureHER. Help build the Brand by going to Facebook, “like”ing the page, tagging yourself, posting events, comments and photos. Don’t forget to bring a friend to the next event. We are a bunch of interesting ladies, so I really look forward to meeting other people in your circle of friends. And who doesn’t need another friend…right? I would love it if we met our goal of 500 members by 2012!! I think a party might be in order if we do!!!

The biggest piece for me is this, you joined this group with a certain intention. Whether it was to make new friends, try something new or just get your buns off the couch. I encourage you to revisit your intentions as often as you can and stay accountable to yourself. I don’t care what you do, but I want you all to get out, do something that makes you a little nervous and come out the other side excited and proud about the fantastic feats you can achieve! If today is the first day of the rest of your life, what will you be doing? Be willing to live your life every single day!

Thanks again for your time and attention & Don’t forget to wear Sunscreen!



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